Wayward Artists

May 29th, 2019

Alyosha Monument, Plovdiv

The wayward artist makes the climb up to the site of the Soviet era Alyosha monument in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It is worth the climb for the views.


May 21st, 2019

Mozart's Grave (St. Marx, Vienna)

Contrary to some popular belief, Mozart was not buried in a mass grave. Rather, it was an unmarked economy option popular with people without a lot of cash. In the the mid 19th century they thought they had identified his resting place, and a grave digger claimed that a skull he had was Mozart's (DNA testing has proved inconclusive). And unmarked graves would be redug over time for new occupants, so while it is questionable whether all of Mozart is under his monument in St. Marx, some of him (perhaps most) is likely around there somewhere.


May 12th, 2019

Remains of Roman Vienna

As always, history begins with the Romans. The centre of Vienna has been continuously occupied since at least the Romans. When the Romans left and their stuff was getting in the way, they simply leveled it and built over it. The Roman Museum in Vienna is a must see for anyone into the history of the place.


April 26nd, 2019

I was in Arona, Italy, yesterday. Here is a brief taste (45 seconds)


April 22nd, 2019

This Wayward Artist's Portable Paint Tin!


April 21st, 2019

Buona Pasqua!


April 20th, 2019

How It Appears Depends on Where You Stand

Oh my, first post of the new year, and April is nearly over! No aplogies, aside from a little teaching/coaching, I've been taking it easy on the performing arts front. And since the beginning of April, I have been in Italy!

I will get around to singularizing the domain name, but for now I want to add some new content from the wayward artist abroad. This is my first video that involved any degree of editing. There was a bit of learning curve, it took some getting up to speed but I'm hoping to be able to turn out video more swiftly.

I would say that I think video is the future, except that it is the present and has been for most people for a long time. One hesitates to say that theatre is dead, since people have been saying that since the earliest days of cinema, and yet theatre persists. What is different now, however, is that the cost of entry to video has dropped to essentially nothing.

I've been staying in Novara, a lovely town with this rather cool basilica that was built on the highest land in the town to be seen from miles around. The only problem is that other buildings crowd round it, obscuring it. In the 19th century a very tall cupula was added, a veritable arm waving, indicating "Here I am!"

And here it is.