Wayward Artists

May 7th, Workshop with actor and improv master Josh Bertwistle on applying improv techniques to text.

This will be held at the Morpheus rehearsal space in Parkdale from 1:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Contact Eric Pettifor, eric@waywardartists.org, to reserve a spot (spots are limited, first come first served, pay what you will, $10 minimum recommended).

I had the great pleasure of working with Josh on Artists' Collective Theatre's production of "Arden of Faversham", and noticed he was working in a manner unlike the other actors, applying techniques which leant an energy and immediacy to his work, even in the early stages of rehearsal of an Elizabethan drama. Wayward is delighted that he has agreed to share some of his secrets with us, and we hope you will join us.

Josh Bertwistle has studied with Calgary's Loose Moose Theatre Company since 2007. He performs regularly in the improvised soap opera "Dirty Laundry" at Lunchbox Theatre, and can also be seen with the impro-theatre troupe The Kinkonauts. He was in Artists' Collective Theatre's production of "Arden of Faversham", then Rebecca Northan's "Legend Has It", at Alberta Theatre Projects at the end of 2015, which toured to New York in the New Year.

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